How to get FIFA Backup Codes? 2019-11-06 09:19:48

How to get FIFA Backup Codes?

1. Go to, log in to your EA account, and select your EA account and bill.


2. Click “Backup Codes”-“View” to get your Backup Codes,ea will ask you to enter a code to unlock backup codes.As usual,you can receive this code via email,text message or google authenticator.Then you will get 6 backup codes.Next time when our delivery system asks you enter a code,you can use one of your backup codes.




3. In some cases,you have no idea to find the code,or you may have lost your smartphone or email.In this situation,you can contact the online support of ea to get an urgent code.We will tell you how to do it:


(1)Go to EA Help Center


(2)Choose your platform,topic,and issue.We suggest that you can pick ‘technical support’as your topic,and ‘connectivity’as your issue.





(3)Choose contact option


(4)In the next page,choose chat.



(5) Enter the information as follow,then click ‘chat now’



(6) Now you can chat with the online support of ea.You can tell them that you have no idea about receiving your code.And you can ask him to give you an urgent code.Then you can use this urgent code to modify your binded email/phone so you can receive new codes.

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