How to make FIFA 20 Coins Delivery 2019-11-03 13:33:39

How to make FIFA 20 Coins Delivery

You should get one FIFA 20 Coins Delivery Link from iGVault website to complete Delivery by yourself. (Automatic System for Delivery)


1. How to get FIFA 20 Coins Delivery link?

①Enter the member center, choose “Messages”and click on the order message, then click on the delivery link.

②After your purchase, we will send you a email to confirm your purchase. You can click the button “Click to get coins”to open the link of delivery. Email will be sent to your iGVault register email and also the email address when you filled in checkout page.)


2. How to USE FIFA Delivery link to get FIFA 20 Coins?

In order to help you receive the coins,Please read the following tutorial carefully.


Steps for Safe Trade 3.0:

①(IMPORTANT) Please log in WEBAPP to confirm your account info (Account, Password), and record it. Click here to WEBAPP

②(IMPORTANT)Please log out your fut on your console and webapp.

③Click the delivery link in your email and message. Click here to see how to get FIFA20 Coins Delivery link.

④Fill the blanks with information you recorded in WEBAPP.

⑤Fill in the Code that EA sent to your phone / email twice. (Different code each time)

⑥When all information is correct. Delivery link page will shows processing / or loading bar.

⑦(IMPORTANT) During Transfering,please do not login in your FUT on console or webapp.

⑧(IMPORTANT) Delivery link page can be closed. After we complete delivery,we will send you one Email and let you know.


Steps for Player Trade 3.0:

Attention: Do not fill any wrong player information that you didn’t listed yet. We bear the transaction fee in market.


①(IMPORTANT) List a Gold player or above in transfer market(console or webapp). And record player information

②After you have successfully listed the player, Fill Player information in the blanks. (Player’s name, ability number,position, starting price, buy now price, remaining time)

③Then click “Find Player”,our system will find some player in the list. Please find out your player (Notice: Your player by comparing the player name/ability/position/remaining time with other players)

④When you had confirmed your player, click "Buy", we will buy him as soon as possible.

⑤Repeat steps 1-4 to complete your order.

PS:Listing player with WEBAPP is much easier than console.

Click Here to WEBAPP


Thanks for your reading. If there is any problem,do not hesitate contact with our live support.

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