Ultimate Scream (Part II) 2019-10-29 03:50:24

Ultimate Scream (Part II)

Hello all FIFA 20 fans, the second team of Ultimate Scream players is announced by EA.

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Now let’s continue talking secondUltimate Scream players. The players from Serie A(Italy) and some germen players are get buffed. Firmino, Insigne, Kroos, Adama, St. Juste, Gameiro, Aspas, Payet, Laxalt, Medel and Trippier are available in Package. Özil is only available in mission. And Hulk and Draxler are available in SBC challenge. Please notice that from now you can`t get the Ultimate Scream players of the first team from package.




PAC+10, SHO+2, PAS+10, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+2

The Hulk is coming! Fast, ultimate Strong, good enough in shooting and passing, 4 stars in skill move. Only 3 stars weak foot. But he is still so attractive.



PAC+3, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+3, DEF+19, PHY+8

Firmino is now an all 80+ player, and with perfect high defense and attack WR. You should change his position to CM or CDM. He can do every thing you need.




PAC+2, SHO+8, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+23

Even without this buff is Insigne good enough in FIFA 20. And now he is stronger and has better shooting skill. You can pick his Napoli teammates Mertens and Allan to build a nice triangle.




PAC+30, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+11

As so many fans excepted, Kroos is buffed with 75 pionts buffed in pacing, and that will make Kroos more usefull in FIFA 20. Now you can finally pick him in team. 80 pionts in PHY make him also good in CDM position.


Adama Traore


PAC+2, SHO+20, PAS+17, DRI+4, DEF+11, PHY+8

This guy is the one who makes you forget Bale. 98 points in pacing, amazing!!! 80 shooting skill is not bad, and 87 dribbling and 83 PHY makes him a big trouble for all defenders. The only thing is his weak foot, only 2 stars.

St. Juste


PAC+2, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+3, DEF+10, PHY+10

The black St. Juste is a very economic player in FIFA 20. With this buff he is better.




PAC+2, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+10, DEF+2, PHY+13

Gameiro has now good dribbling and PHY. Now French team has a new choice..




PAC+8, SHO+ 2, PAS+10, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+4

Aspas has now enough speed, good shooting skill and passing, but I don’t think he is useable, because after his buff he has still only 68 PHY, weak.




PAC+14, SHO+3, PAS+2, DRI+3, DEF+2, PHY+15

Payet come back now! Nice buff in pacing and PHY, good dribbling, but 80 points in shooting is low, which may not make him a good choice.




PAC+2, SHO+20, PAS+11, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+2

Though he has only 71 PHY, but it won`t be a trouble for left midfielder. And he has 90 pacing, he can also shoot and pass the ball to teammates very well.




PAC+12, SHO+15, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+2

Trippier may not get buffed very well. 15 points in shooting is strange for defender position, and 80 defense and 74 PHY are still not good enough.




PAC+2, SHO+33, PAS+20, DRI+5, DEF+5, PHY+2

Maybe you should take Medel nearer to the goal, because he has now 80 shooting and 85 passing. Just change his position to CM.




PAC+12, SHO+10, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+4

Now Özil is not slow, and now he can score a goal with 82 shooting more easily. But 60 PHY is still a problem for him. But the good news is, he is free! Just pick him in mission!



PAC+2, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+16, PHY+16

Draxler is only available in SBC challenge. This time he get buff in defense and PHY, but 71 defense and 79 PHY are still not enough for CM, and his SBC will cost you much gold. He is good to link Mbapple and Neymar.

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