Ultimate Scream is coming!!! 2019-10-20 11:47:46

Ultimate Scream is coming!!!

Hello all FIFA 20 fans, EA just announced Ultimate Scream players. The first 11 Scream Team Players will be in packs from the start of Ultimate Scream until October 25 and over Halloween. And 3 Ultimate Scream players are available in SBC challenges. A second team of players will be in packs from October 25 until the end of the event. In FIFA 20 all Ultimate Scream players will receive PERMANENT upgrades which last throughout FUT 20. Each Scream Team player will receive a different combination of upgrades. All Ultimate Scream Players that you find in packs are tradeable. You can also potentially acquire them from the Transfer Market, starting on October 18. And there will also be Ultimate Scream Players in Objectives. Let`s compare the Ultimate Scream players with their normal gold player in FIFA20.



PAC+29, SHO+2, PAS+3, DRI+10, DEF+2, PHY+2

Significant buff in PAC and DRI will make him a good choice for many.



PAC+25, SHO+2, PAS+1, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+18

As we know that pacing is so important in FIFA20, 25 points buff in pacing, and what in amazing is that he has 81 PHY, these will make him from super slow player to a competitve CAM in FIFA20.



PAC+13, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+10, DEF+2, PHY+2

Müller is good enough in gold player, he still gets 85 PAC and 88 DRI, an attractive CAM exactly.  



PAC+8, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+8

It seems that Agüero doesn’t get so much buff. For economy reason you can still use his normal gold.



PAC+2, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+10, PHY+8

Amazing buff with 81 DEF and 87 PHY make Alli also good in CM and even CDM position.



PAC+24, SHO+ 2, PAS+1, DRI+10, DEF+2, PHY+2

Nice buff in PAC will make Otamendi from useless to very useful.

William Carvalho


PAC+33, SHO+27, PAS+2, DRI+3, DEF+2, PHY+3

Stronger, faster, good shooting skill make him now a B2B midfielder, only the passing is a little bit not enough.



PAC+9, SHO+10, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+3, PHY+2

86 total rating looks good, approximately an all-80+-player, but 70 pacing and 80 shooting are still not enough. Hard to say whether he is good or not..



PAC+18, SHO+2, PAS+27, DRI+1, DEF+2, PHY+2

81 pacing, 87 defense and 81 PHY make him a good defender, and what is interesting is that he has 82 shooting as a defender.



PAC+16, SHO+4, PAS+2, DRI+3, DEF+2, PHY+27

Another competitive midfielder both in attack and defense, only thing is 79 shooting, don’t shoot, give ball to teammate who can shoot better.



PAC+2, SHO+2, PAS+12, DRI+3, DEF+26, PHY+2

88 passing make him a better game maker, but in order not to waste his 83 defense, it may be better for him to play as CM.

Jesus Navas


PAC+2, SHO+13, PAS+2, DRI+2, DEF+2, PHY+17

Jesus Navas comes back! Now he can shoot the ball better with 82 shooting, and 70 PHY is not so weak like before.



PAC+2, SHO+14, PAS+4, DRI+3, DEF+2, PHY+31

PHY goes from 44 to 75, boy to man. 83 shooting is easier for a goal.



PAC+23, SHO+2, PAS+2, DRI+10, DEF+2, PHY+2

Tall striker with 83 pacing and 85 dirbbling, but only 2 stars skill, for those who don’t use so much skill move is Dzeko also a good choice, and you have only 7 days to get him!

You can see that in FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream some players with Achilles' Heel are repaired. But you must remember, not like in FIFA 19, all these upgrades in FIFA 20 will stay unchanged!

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