Activity of purchase during the World Cup 2018-06-27 08:12:34

1. Activity time:July 2nd - July 15th

2. Extraction rules:

 In Orders with order amount >=25eur, we 5 lucky customers randomly every day,they can choose an account or skin as a prize according to the actual situationaccount value: (50-60 heroes/account); skin value: (2000rp/skin) and only In the NA , only the skins that can be purchased in the mall

3.Announcement methods:

 IGV social account, mail, IGVault banner, IGVault message

We will publish the winners list once a day through the 4 methods.

4.Receiving requirements: 

(1)Winner needs to share our C2C Service on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and send screenshots to online support or [email protected]

 (2)Winner needs to review our C2C service with five-stars on, then send screenshots to online customer service or [email protected] NOTE: Winner can choose one of the two points. After he finish it, we will send him the prize in time. 

5.Receiving methods:

 (1) "Account" Prize: Winner needs to provide his adress email, we will send account information via email (send time: within 24 hours after he gives the screenshot) 

(2) Choose “Skin” Prize: Winner needs to provide his Summoner name in the game and the skin he want. (Send time: Within 24 hours after he gives the screenshot, we will add friends in the game and send it for him on the second day)

6.Receive award : July 2nd  - July 18th

If you don’t take the prize within the duration, it will be expired.

 PS: Customers who win prizes on the weekend, we will give prizes on Monday

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