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About the new security password for website user account
In order to ensure that our sellers have a better experience on the site with a more complete account protection system, we have added the "Security Password" function. This function will be initiated in case of further security password authentication, which is different the login password of the IGVault account.
1. What is a security password
The security password is a new function for account security on the IGVault website. It aims to provide users with safer, more complete, and more comprehensive account protection. The sellers are more confident about our service and their own IGVault balance. 

2. How to set my security password
1. Visit the withdraw page in Member Center and click "Set Now" on the right side of the withdraw page.
2. Click "Send verification code" on the right
3. Enter the mailbox to receive verification code
4. Enter the verification code on the IGVault website, then set the security password and submit it
5. Setting Complete!

3. How to modify my security password
1. Click "Account Security" on the left of the member center
2. Click “modify “on the right side of the security password
3. Enter the original password and new password and click submit
4. Successfully modified!

4. What if my email cannot receive the verification code
1. Visit the withdraw page in Member Center and click "Set Now" on the right side of the withdraw page.
2. Click "Dispute" on the right
3. Upload required screenshots or photos asor staff reference and fill in common emails
4. The result of the appeal will be returned to you by email in 1-3 business days.

5. How to use a security password to modify my withdraw account
1. Log in to your IGVault account and click "Withdraw" on the left side of the member center.
2. the appropriate withdraw method and click " modify " on the right side of the existing withdraw account
3. Click "Send verification code" to get the verification code and enter the code on IGVault.
4. Fill in the new withdraw account and click "Submit"
5. Successfully modified!

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